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Uber driver stories book — interview by Andi’s Book Reviews

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After publishing Uber Chronicles, Field Notes from the Front Seat, in which I tell many stories of driving for Uber, I was interviewed by Andi of Andi’s Book Reviews.

Some of the questions asked of me in the author interview were —

  • What was the inspiration behind this book?
  • How did you determine your format?
  • Why did you offer the book for free on your blog before choosing to publish as a book?
  • What is your favorite Uber story?

And then this one —

Recent news stories have caused great concern for both Uber drivers and passengers. What do you have to say to those who are worried?

To which I answered …

Chill. If you have a date with disaster, you have a date with disaster … whether it shows up in the form of an Uber driver or someone else. Fear less, love more.

You can read the full interview about my Uber driver stories and why I wrote this book on Andi’s Book Reviews site..

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On September 3, 2016
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