My first tip

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While I had visions of getting lots of tips while driving for Uber, my actual experience as a driver has cured me of that hope. It’s not that tips are never given; I had just hoped they’d be more frequent. Here’s the story of my first tip. 

My first tip

I pick up two gals, two white women in their early 40s. They’re in big pharma. They try to make it sound like they do good educational work, but a spade is a spade. I have no love for their industry. There’s a convention in town, and they’re meeting up with colleagues.

A couple of days earlier I’d watched the Congressional hearings with Turing Pharmaceuticals and its poster-child bad boy of greed (the drug price-spiker). I bring this up. What do they think about it? He’s terrible. He’s greedy, they tell me.

I say gently that this case and situation may be a chink in the armor of their industry and may portend many more changes yet to come. I drop them off. One gal leans forward and gives me my first—and to date, only—tip: $3 on an $8 ride. Not bad, proportionally.

Key experience: I do not envy them. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes—or their industry—ever.


Photo by Gustavo Belemmi.

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On July 19, 2016
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