Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive for Uber? Have you ever been curious as to what kind of people use Uber? Where they are going? What do they talk about during the ride? Jessie Newburn’s Uber Chronicles are the books to read! Now available on Amazon Kindle.

A dose of humanity.


With Amazon, it’s all about the rankings! The higher my rankings, the more Amazon will promote my book, and the more likely I am to have higher sales volume. Book reviews really help! Links to my book pages on Amazon do, too! So, do tell. What did you like best? Did a particular story or passenger touch you? Would you recommend the Uber Chronicles books to a friend, and if so, why? I’d love to hear your perspective.

  • Haven’t we all wondered?

    This collection of stories made me laugh, cry and left me thinking about how we treat each other. — Mary Jordan

  • A sweet quiet zen silence

    There is a relaxing magical quality to the way you write these stories. A sweet quiet zen silence that is shining through every line. You present these encounters like a

  • A dose of humanity

    Thank you for sharing these, Jessie. I’m fascinated by people and I love the diversity of the need for an Uber. I get a dose of humanity when I read these. You

  • Humanistic view of driving for Uber

    Jessie’s stories of her passengers and her experiences as an Uber driver put a human face on Uber. She gives both the driver perspective (why drive, how to make

  • A fun ‘Tapas’ style literary approach

    First time Uber driver and first time author, Jessie Newburn serves up one bite sized vignette of human experience after another in her debut e-book, Uber Chronicles:

  • Margaret Mead of the digital age

    An interesting take on Uber driving. Written from an open, objective, observational standpoint. She’s like the Margaret Mead of the digital age. Little tidbits and

  • Observing and learning

    I got so caught up in each short story Jessie told that it was hard to stop reading. It seemed like I was another passenger watching each escapade as Jessie shuttled

Thoughtful and insightful observations.


Purchase any of the Uber Chronicles books on Amazon Kindle today! Even if you don't have a Kindle device, you can download the free Kindle app and read the books with ease.

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Curious to read snippets of upcoming Uber Chronicles’ stories? Want to know the latest news about upcoming books or what I’m up to along this fascinating and fun journey of driving for Uber? Read on.

The seer observes but doesn’t get entangled.

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Do you also drive for Uber? Would you like to share your stories about driving? Or maybe you have taken an Uber and have an interesting story to tell about your driver.

I’m open to publishing other’s Uber stories. In general, I’m looking for humanity-loving stories. Certainly no stories about (1) the business of driving for Uber, (2) the Uber corporation or (3) rants about unpleasant experiences. There are plenty of places to publish that. But there’s always a story in any human interaction. What did you experience while with this other person? What did you learn about them? About yourself? Send your stories (along with a headline and a two- or three-sentence statement about yourself) to jessie@uber-chronicles.com.

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